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Next Event:In 2016

2017 Championship

After each event the results will be added to the championship board. The final championship points are determined by the rules laid out under the table.

2017 Championship
Championship points awarded for each event

Championship points

For each event, competitors shall be awarded championship points based upon the points accrued for the event from overall time (1 second=1 point) plus penalty points as specified in supplimentary regulations. Championship points are awarded as follows.

Winner of event
9 Points
2nd place
6 Points
3rd place
4 points
4th place
3 points
5th place
2 points
All other finishers
1 point

To be classified as a finisher, a competitor must complete at least two of four courses with each unrun course accruing points of the highest score in the test(s) plus an additional penalty.

Championship position

When the seasons Autotest events are completed, the number of events shall be counted and the results based upon half this number. Should the number of events be odd, then the number to count for position shall be rounded up.

i.e. If thirteen events are run, then the best 7 results for each competitor are used to calculate championship position.

The competitor who scores the highest number of points from his best results for the number of events nominated shall be deemed the winner. Should two or more competitors have an equally high score for the winning position, then their next best score shall be added to their total to decide on position. Should this not resolve the position then each further events points score shall ne counted, and so on until resolution. Should this process still remain deadlocked then reference shall be made to penalty points issued in events and the winner be the competitor incurring the least penalties in events nominated for the championship.

To determine the championship runner-up position, the above process shall be applied. All other championship positions shall be determined by direct summation of competitors points scored in the number of events nominated for inclusion. Equal positions shall be so indicated (for example "equal 3rd").