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Next Event:24-Sep-2017
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Event: 24-Jul-2016 at Caldale Camp

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2016 Championship
Top standings in the 2016 championship:

1st - A Eddington
2nd - Aa Moar
3rd - An Moar
4th - J Mackay
5th - S Tait
6th - I Spence

Note: These are estimated current positions, for confirmation please contact us
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2015 Championship
Top positions & awards in 2015:

Champion - An Moar
Runner-up - C McAllister
3rd - Aa Moar
4th - A Eddington
5th - J Mackay
6th - TA Tait
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2014 Championship
Top positions & awards in 2014:

Champion - Aa Moar
Runner-up - S Tait
3rd - An Moar
4th - T Sutherland
5th - C McAllister
6th - TA Tait