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Event: 9-Apr-2017

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Note: BPLD = Best Performance by a Lady Driver, BPYD = Best Performance by a Young Driver, Max = Maximum penalty for incomplete test(s), DNF = Did Not Finish


The Orkney Motor Club's 2017 Autotest championship got underway on Sunday the 9th of April with the usual protagonists competing for the top spot. With a portion of the club now 'under new management', the nine entries were greeted with a different face on the timekeepers podium and a set of courses drawn out by past club champion Aaron Moar, who has given up his drivers seat for the time being. The drivers also had some difficult conditions to contend with as the rain began to fall early on.

Taking up the tail end of the field, unsurprisingly when considering the choice of car, was Sweyn Worthington. The VW Golf Estate, was driven hard but with over two minutes worth of penalties and a flat tyre to content with, he was unable to climb any higher.

Another driver who was struck with penalties was the seasons first newcomer, Barry Woods. Borrowing a seat in a Reliant Scimitar, he showed good car control, improving his times as the day went on. Any newcomer avoiding the last place spot can undoubtedly consider the event a success and he was able to manage 9th in the end.

Taking the second seat in the Golf Estate was Ian Spence, his bogey entry of the day. As usual, he pushed the car to its limits and despite its size, avoided any penalties to settle him in a well earned 8th.

Next up was Ella Spence, returning after a two year hiatus. Sharing a drive in Ian's second car, a road legal Ford Fiesta, she drove with her usual control and precision, getting quicker as the day went on. In the end, an overall position of 7th and the award for the Best Performance by a Lady Driver.

In 6th position was Shane Kingston, returning for a second season in his Ford Fiesta. Like Ella, he is a driver with a focus on control and with every event gets quicker and quicker. A penalty free performance settled him in a high position and gives him a good start to the season.

At the top of the trio of Fiestas was Ian Spence who seems to have learned from last year that penalties actually hinder your time. Despite this being his first outing in the car, and the obvious lack of a handbrake he put in some quick times for an impressive 5th position.

Just missing out on the podium this week was club mainstay Alan Tait, returning with the Vauxhall Corsa that has accompanied him for a number of seasons. Like the drivers behind him, he ended the day penalty free but with skilled use of an effective handbrake he was able to finish in an easy 4th position.

The podium was a familiar affair with three drivers who took home a collection of silverware last season; current champion Adam Eddington, Andrew Moar and Johnny Mackay. The third place trophy on this occasion went to Johnny driving his attractive MG ZR, a usual display of quick driving with no penalties took him just 9 seconds away from his maiden win, which will no doubt come sooner rather than later.

Two second up the road was Adam in his well proven Honda Civic. Unfortunately for him, the impressive smoke display created by his spinning tyre wasn't able to hide the course marker that he clipped on test one. Two fastest times over the remaining three tests wasn't quite enough for his final time as he settled for 2nd.

The days best performance had to go Andrew though, who put in consistent times as he wrestled his Scimitar SS1 around the courses. He saved valuable seconds around course markers by using tight lines and with the carís rear driven format, could slide back into position. He will have to work hard if he expects to remain ahead of the drivers behind him.

With two weeks until the next event, Sunday the 23rd of April, the drivers have an opportunity to make any changes following their first shakedown of the season. The full event calendar and further information can be found at, thank you to Mr Brian Laughton for use of the site.

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