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Event: 23-Apr-2017

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Note: BPLD = Best Performance by a Lady Driver, BPYD = Best Performance by a Young Driver, Max = Maximum penalty for incomplete test(s), DNF = Did Not Finish


The second autotest of the Orkney Motor Clubs 2017 championship got underway on Sunday the 23rd of April with a total of eight entries preparing to take the start line up at Caldale. They were once again greeted with some unfavourable weather conditions which, at least makes for some entertaining viewing. The six drivers were certainly in for a challenging day, as the events new organisers presented some very different looking courses.

The day, however, got considerably easier for the duo of Ian Spence and Ross Mackie as one of their entries of the day came to an unfortunate end on test 1. With a suspension failure proving fatal, and the pair unable to reach the minimum running time, they were awarded a DNF with no championship points.

Following this, the day’s last and 6th position was awarded to Shane Kingston, returning for another event in his Ford Fiesta. Once he finally found enough wheels to fill all four corners of his car, he took to the track with vigour and put in some good times. Despite the last place finish, he was responsible for just one of the days slowest test times and as always, got faster and faster as the day went on.

Up the road in 5th was Ian Spence. Luckily, he broke the less suitable of his two chosen cars, leaving his nippy Ford Fiesta to compete for points. On this occasion however, a mistake on test 3 allowed him to stall the car, which refused to start again and he was awarded a maximum time penalty. Up to this point though, he was right on the pace of the podium finishers, impressive considering the complete lack on a working handbrake.

Also reaping the rewards from the well suited car was driving partner Ross Mackie. He was also able to make good time in the little Fiesta but in his usual style was able to show a little more control and avoided any penalties. With the first inner 'team' win now under his belt, the pressure moves to Ian to respond in the coming events.

The podium was a familiar affair once again, with the same three drivers, in the same three cars taking up the same three positions. The 3rd place trophy went to Johnny Mackay in this MG ZR. A man famed for using every millimetre of his tyres, he tried his best to show his pace and control but the slippery conditions won on this occasion as struggled to find the grip where necessary. Despite this, he put in three clean runs and collected some valuable championship points that may be vital at the end of the season.

Second place, again, went to Adam Eddington returning in his, previously, very reliable Honda Civic. He drove excellently in the difficult conditions, taking the fastest time in test 3 and the joint fastest time in test 2. In the lead by one second coming into the final test, with the field yet to post a faster time on that layout, he was sure to take the win. As he tried to put the hammer down coming off the final obstacle, he was greeted with the dreaded rattle of a broken driveshaft and the car slowed to a halt.

With Adam getting a maximum for that run, the win went to Andrew Moar in his Scimitar SS1 which seems to be over its mechanical woes from last season. Andrew, in some cases was given the biggest challenge on such a wet day as he had to navigate the tricky, tight courses in a car that puts drive to the rear wheels. Despite this however, he was unbeaten on three of the tests, showing once again the value of experience as he drove on the edge without mistake.

With no driver suffering from a wrong route, the club organisers will surely have to try to provide some even trickier courses on the next event, Sunday 14th May. New members and spectators are always welcome with more information, and the full event calendar being available at, thank you to Mr Brian Laughton for use of the site.

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