Next Event:In 2016
Next Event:In 2016

Rules and Regulations

As a member of the RAC MSA, The Orkney Motor Club operates in compliance with the regulations stipulated by the MSA rulebook.  Competitors must follow these rules and the club’s “supplementary rules” as agreed by the Committee.  Essentially the rules that apply to the competitors and their entries require the competitors to act responsibly while on the site, and that their entries must be of sound mechanical and structural build.  For further details of these rules, please contact us.

Most of the current entries in the OMC events are production cars which have only been modified to the level of non-structural lightening.  Before each event begins the cars are passed through scrutineering, which determines whether the entry is safe and in compliance with the regulations.  If the car is found not to be in compliance with the scrutinerring checks, entry will not be permitted until the issues are dealt with (this may result in missing entry on that event, until the issue can be resolved).  If you are planning any modification to your car to prepare it for Autotest, you must comply with both the current MSA rulebook and Orkney Motor Club supplementary regulations and you should discuss the proposed modifications with a committee member before proceeding (to prevent the risk of a wasted effort).  Please contact us if you want to discuss any such matter.

The OMC runs an entry system based on four catagories –

  1. Road legal production car (taxed and tested) – An entry in this category should breeze through scrutineering as it must be of a sufficient level to pass an MOT.
  2. Production car (not road legal) – most current entries fall into this category and the car must be mechanically and structurally assessed to be allowed to enter.  This is for safety reasons and an unsafe car will not be passed.
  3. Specials (these incur a 5% time penalty) – These are entries which are either not a production car, are a significantly modified production car (while complying to the rules and regulations) or are 4-wheel drive.
  4. Production car (young drivers) – Available to drivers between their 15th and 17th birthdays.  Additional restrictions apply to young drivers entering, more information is available on request.

Events take place on Sunday afternoons at the dates specified by the current fixtures list.  Competitors are expected to be at the event from 1300hrs for scrutineering, and will be given the chance to take a practice run around the site before the event begins.