Next Event:In 2016
Next Event:In 2016


Club News

2016 AGM - 29-Mar - St Magnus Centre, Kirkwall
- 01/02/16
The Orkney Motor Club AGM will take place on 29th March 2016 at 8pm in the St Magnus Centre in Kirkwall. The AGM is open to all members, and non me...Read More
Event Cancelled - 26-Jul-2015
- 25/07/15
Event Cancelled - 26-Jul-2015...Read More
17-May-2015 Event Cancelled
- 17/05/15
17-May-2015 Event Cancelled...Read More
24-Mar-2015 - AGM - St Magnus Centre, Kirkwall, 8pm
- 13/02/15
The Orkney Motor Club AGM will take place on 24th March 2015 at 8pm in the St Magnus Centre in Kirkwall. The AGM is open to all members, and non me...Read More
2014 Championship Results
- 01/10/14
Full report to follow. Provisional championship positions for 2014 are; 2014 Ladies Champion - E Spence, 2014 Overall Runner-up - S Tait, 2014 Ove...Read More
Event Cancelled - 17-Aug-2014
- 16/08/14
Event Cancelled - 17-Aug-2014...Read More
Event Cancelled - 27-July-2014
- 26/07/14
Event Cancelled - 27-July-2014...Read More
Event Cancelled - 13-July-2014
- 12/07/14
Event Cancelled - 13-July-2014...Read More
2014 Season Starts
- 20/04/14
The 2014 Orkney Motor Club season started on April 13th with Aa Moar taking top step on the podium. Next event is scheduled for April 27th - please...Read More
Event Cancelled - 21st July 2013
- 21/07/13
The event 21-July-2013 has been cancelled...Read More
2013 AGM -21st March 2013
The Orkney Motor Club AGM will be held in the Friends Room of the St. Magnus Centre at 8pm on the 21st March 2012. The AGM is open to all members, ...Read More
Awards Night 2012
- 14/11/12
The Presentation of Annual Awards will be held at St. Magnus Centre "Friend's Room" at 8pm Friday 16th November 2012. All are welcome...Read More
Event Cancelled - 22nd July 2012
- 21/07/12
Event Cancelled - 22nd July 2012...Read More
Event Cancelled - 17th June
- 16/06/12
The event 17/06/12 has been cancelled...Read More
Event Cancelled - 6th May 2012
- 05/05/12
The event 06/05/12 has been cancelled...Read More
Battles for championship position commence
- 23/04/12
3 events into the 2012 season, and the championship positions are starting to take form.

There is still all to play for in the Or...Read More
2012 AGM - 13th March 2012
- 29/01/12
The Orkney Motor Club AGM will be held in the Garden Room of the King Street Halls, Kirkwall at 7.30pm on the 13th March 2012. The AGM is open to a...Read More
Season battle for 1st and 3rd underway
- 05/09/11
With only 2 events left to run in the season's fixtures, it appears a straight battle between Aa Moar and T Sutherland for the Overall Champion spot...Read More
Events Cancelled - 17th and 31st July
- 16/07/11
Events Cancelled - 17th and 31st July - Next event 7th August...Read More
Event cancelled - 22/05/11
- 21/05/11
Event on 22nd May 2011 cancelled...Read More
Event cancelled - 15/05/11
- 14/05/11
Event on 15th May 2011 cancelled....Read More
2011 Season off to a strong start
- 05/04/11
The 2011 season is now two events in, and it looks like there's going to be some close competition between all competitors, and particularly C Houns...Read More
2011 AGM POSTPONED to Thursday 17th March
- 10/03/2011
Due to weather, the 2011 AGM, previously scheduled for the 10th of March will now be held on the 17th of March. Venue to be confirmed....Read More
2011 AGM - Thursday 10th March
- 25/01/2011
The Orkney Motor Club AGM will be held in the supper room at the Kirkwall Community Centre at 8pm on the 10th of March 2011. The AGM is open to all...Read More
2010 Awards Presentation
- 19/10/2010
The awards presentation for the 2010 season will be on Thursday the 18th of November, at 2000hrs in the Supper Room at the Kirkwall Community Centre...Read More

Development News

Development news from OMC
- 29/02/2011
This section of the site will be intended to let you know a bit more about what members of the OMC, previous members and other Orkney residents are ...Read More
Marshalling at Brands Hatch
- 12/03/2011
M Salmon, previously a competitor in the Orkney Motor Club, is commencing a season of marshalling at Brands Hatch at recommends volunteering as a gr...Read More